Did Your Designer Build a Mobile-Ready Website?

web design mobile sites Franklin TNA beautifully designed website filled with valuable information and easy-to-use navigation is imperative in today’s business world. The web designers at Leading Edge Communications (Franklin, TN)  build mobile ready websites to ensure people using their smart phones or tablets to search the Internet, web designers need to make sure their websites is mobile ready.

Why Designers Should Build Mobile Responsive Websites

A standard website does not always translate well to a small screen. Sites filled with graphics, flash animations, and excessive text do not translate well on a smart phone. Websites designed solely for desktops & laptops are either too small to see well on a smaller screen or have images or text that don’t fit on the screen.

Many visitors find this experience tedious and will go to another site for the information they need.. Responsive websites are designed to adjust to the user’s screen for easy viewing and navigation.

Google’s Stance on Mobile-Friendly Websites

In April of 2015 Google announced that it will display websites more prominently that are mobile-friendly. Google wants to provide it’s search visitors with the most accurate and user friendly results; thus, it displays mobile-friendly websites first on mobile devices such as smart phones, tablets, and Ipads.

Most Franklin Local Businesses Reside on Old Non-Responsive Platforms

Surprisingly the majority of small businesses have not converted their sites. This presents an opportunity to move ahead of the competition. Showing up better on Google search results on smart phones and tablets can mean more exposure and more business for local companies.

Building Mobile Responsive Sites in Franklin TN Since 2012

Leading Edge Communications recognized early on that the future is mobile. Our web designs have built mobile responsive sites for the last several years, which has giving our clients an early edge over the competition.

Contact our office today to see how Leading Edge Communications can give you a robust, active website designed for a computer screen, and a mobile-ready option that will give your customers just the information they need to make a decision or take action with your company. We are conveniently located in downtown Franklin TN. If your business is outside the local area, we can fully service you by communicating by phone, Skype, and email.

Our website designers and developers built the following websites:

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Blakeford Retirement Communities (Nashville TN)

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